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  • YNNEVENTS will plan and execute your cute baby cradle ceremony with in your expect budget .
  •  we will decorate beautiful eye catching decorations .
  • we will decorate your baby cradle ceremony with colourfull flowers, balloons and different customers theme…. 
  • cradle ceremony is known as naming ceremony or which we Indian’s called as Namakarnaan .
  •  A cradle  or thotela .naming ceremony is accompanied by cradle ceremony as the child has to sleep as it will still be an infant .
  •  Indians are calculate mark the date ,timing and Nakshtram  name your baby traditionally the uncle of baby will choose the name according to Nakshtram .
  • spell the name into the child’s ear while the child lays in the cradle .
  • on the day, the baby is given a bath, clothed and place in cradle and sing traditional songs .
  •  the child is blessed by elders. the best day for doing a naming ceremony are Monday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday .
  •  cradle ceremony in Hyderabad the blessing of god you have blessed with angel in your family. 
  • ceremony is performed usually on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 16th or 21st day of the baby’s birth to signify the baby’s independence from his or her mother .
  •  in this cradle ceremony a black spot is put on the baby’s forehead to ward off evil.

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  • we have mixed with flowers and balloon designed themes on customer requirement.
  • And we have saparate balloon and flower designed themes
  • we do small cradle ceremony at home.
  • we also several cradle theme and customized new design on your budget.
  • which we design the theme that will execute live on the stage with natural flowers discussed material .
  • we have top photography and video coverage.
  • we also have the best catering¬†
  • we have all types of events and entertainments like welcome dolls, tattoo, gun shooting, bouncy, pot maker, parrot wala , magic show , anchor and instant photography

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